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Maestro Ugo's Training Schedules (Youth)


Here are my training schedules for fm12. After last year's edition's relative success I decided to redo them for this version of the game. Unfortunately SI again completely neglected the training part of the game, and practically everything is the same as last year. The only difference is that now you can edit the intensity of individual focus (5%, 10% or 15% of the total workload). Since the training part is in need of serious work for quite some time this does seem like a letdown.

The bright side is that I basically just modified my fm11 schedules without the need to start from scratch. These are very similar to fm11 ones with some minor tweaks here and there (mostly for defensive regimes) and a new training category for wingbacks (MU - WB). I have tested them in a 5 season holiday game and the improvements seem promising, while the number of injuries seems low enough.

Basic Philosophy:
The basic idea is simple: create training regimes of slightly higher workload than the default ones (two ticks higher workload), that would emphasize what I consider to be important atribute for a given position. Even though the SI finally started differentieting between positions by implementing four different default schedules, I still feel more diferentiation is needed, thus creating these. Youth training should be more versataile than the senior one, thus the youth schedules are more general, ensuring players will improve in most of the areas, but still focusing on the position specific ones.

How to use:
1) Copy the attached file into your "My documents\Sports Interactive\Fotball Manager 2012\schedules" folder.
2) Once inside the game simply click manage schedules->import from the training tab and select "Maestro Ugo's training schedule".

Youth schedules:
There are four different schedules to choose from:
MU - Y (gk) - for young keepers
MU - Y (def) - for young defensively oriented players (DC, FB, DM)
MU - Y (wng) - for young wingers and wingbacks (AMRL, WB)
MU - Y (att) - for young attacking oriented players (ST, AMC)

Some hints and tips:
1) There were several inquiries last year as to the lack of a MC schedule. I believe that classical MCs who heavily engage in both defensive and ofensive roles are a thing of the past. For vast majority of players playing in that position a tendency can be seen more attacking or more defensive. Schedules should be chosen accordingly.

2) Also, names of the schedules based on the position on the pitch can be a bit misleading they refer to the position as well to the role. For example, if you are playing a AML as an inside forward and want him to cut inside and score, you should put him on ST(fast) schedule rather than WG as he is basically a supporting striker. Or if you have a deep-lying playmaker in the DM position you should put him on AMC schedule rather than DM, as he needs to focus on speed, creativity and passing and not strength, marking and positioning.

3) Using match preparation slider with the schedules is paramount. If you have that slider on very high only 50% of the workload will go to actual training and attribute improvement, so don't be surprised by the lack of progress. I usually do the following, but this is just my ritual: During the pre-season and early season I put match preparation workload on low. This way the players can improve attribute-wise while neglecting team cohesion and movement. The only exception is the beginning of the first season, or a period after a drastic tactics change, as players need to familiarize with the new setup.

As the season progresses I gradually increase the match preparation workload after the winter break it's on average, around April on high and finishing on very high for the last month or so of the season, only to be put back on low directly after the last match of the season. The reason for this is that I want to stress my players physically less and less as the season progresses (due to match congestion, and increasing importance of the matches), and focus more on teamwork. Just before the Champions League final, I really don't care if my striker has 15 or 16 for finishing, but I want team cohesion and mutual knowledge and understanding to be as high as possible. Maybe it's just me but this little ritual seems to have reduced slightly the spring dump of form for most of my games on FM11.


For more information, to debate, ask questions or praise this training please click here.


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Author: Maestro Ugo
Added: 14-12-2011
Downloads: 885
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